Health benefits of Carrageenan

Irish Moss or you may call it as Chondrus Crispus, can be used like a thickening agent, where it’s changed into carrageenan to be utilized in a variety of foods. It’s many nutritional benefits as you are able to understand through this article

Skin Health

It’s frequently utilized in cleaners and skin products. The variety of vitamins removed out of this carrageenan provides incredible results in your skin. It will help reduce wrinkles, soften skin and handle some skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Viral conditions

Carrageenan is thought to be very successful in treating viral issues like mumps disease, cool, flu, common cold etc.,


It treats duodenal and peptic ulcers successfully.


It contain lots of antioxidants that assists in preventing free radical damage within our body and reduces the chance of various kinds of cancer.


It’s very useful in reducing the blood cholesterol levels. General, it helps better cardiovascular health.

Weight reduction

If you should be overweight and attempting to slim down, Irish moss is an efficient approach to fight obesity.

Full of Iodine

It’s a rich supply of iodine and helps fight the radiation poisoning results. Additionally, it may assist with disturbed thyroid function, avoidance of cancer as well as help recovery from cancer illness which includes light.

Respiratory problems

It’s thought to be helpful against all upper respiratory conditions like cough and bronchitis. Its anti viral properties function while treating respiratory problems.

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