What is a root canal treatment?

Before progress in dental care, people with injured pulps or diseased teeth were required to get them removed. But fortunately, today there are safer alternatives available such as a root canal treatment that has allowed dentists to save teeth. If you have a severely damaged or an infected tooth, root canal is a treatment that can help repair the condition. In this treatment, the damaged area of the tooth also called pulp is removed, then it cleaned and disinfected after which filling and sealing occurs. The pulp may be affected due to a variety of reasons like a cracked tooth, trauma, a deep cavity or repeated treatment to the tooth. The term basically originates from a procedure that involves cleaning of the canals that are located within the root of the tooth.

The dentist is the best person to inform you if you need a root canal and you should expect the following if you are to undergo this treatment. These steps will take place not at once but after a few visits to the dental surgeon.

An Xray- If the requirement of a root canal treatment is suspected you will be required an X-ray test to determine the place of the decay.

Anesthetic dose- Anesthesia will be administered at the place where the tooth seems to be affected.

 Pulpectomy – The diseased tooth pulp will be removed after making an opening.

Filling– The opened roots will be filled and sealed off.

However, you should note that a root canal can be really expensive, so it is best to take care of dental hygiene.

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