What to drink instead of soda: Healthy Suggestions

Having zero nutritional value and no health benefits soda is one of the worst things you can put inside your body. Research has proven that more than 180,000 adults’ deaths are due to the consumption of soda. If you have a habit of picking up a can every now and then, you maybe be harming yourself more than you realize.  So here are some suggestions on what to drink instead of soda.

One healthy alternative is consuming Alo drinks these can be found in your regular department store and come in various flavors such as aloe, pineapple, guava, and sea buckthorn berry juice. These dinks are very healthy promoting better skin. These also help with inflammations and improve your digestion and help in maintain stronger muscles.

Another such an alternative is tea. Tea comes in various flavors and types ranging from green to various other herbal teas that may be available in your nearest whole foods store. Tea is rich in antioxidants which help in combating various illnesses including cardiovascular diseases. It also helps fight cholesterol and it a very good tool if you are looking you shred some extra pounds.

Some habits are easier said than actually gotten rid so if you still find yourself craving that cold fizzy drink then a healthier alternative lies with dry soda. This soda is only made of carbonated water, natural flavors and is sweetened with cane sugar. Dry soda is a much better option than drinking fizzy drinks that are just blood sugar spikes waiting to happen.

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